The 2021 BASSA Summer Carnival was held at Larkhill Sports Complex on Tuesday 9th March
Settlers took along 8 teams of Year 5 and 6 students to complete in League Tag, Hockey, European Handball and Cricket. The change of date made it a challenge for teams and their teachers to train at our full potential, however the teams made us proud.
Hockey finished in 4th place, European Handball 6th and 4th, League Tag 4th and 2nd and 2nd place in Cricket.
We were extremely pleased with the fantastic sportsmanship displayed by our students and their efforts in the warm weather made sure we had some tired students the next day.
Thank you to our parent volunteers who helped coach and manage the teams on the day and well done to all students who competed in BASSA Term 1!
Stephenie Locker
Phys Ed Teacher