At Settlers Primary School the School Chaplaincy Service is an essential part of the pastoral care support in the school.

Chaplains provide a confidential, non-judgmental service based on Settlers core values and beliefs. They are there to listen and provide a supportive place to talk. Working alongside school staff, chaplains support students and their families who may be facing challenging personal and social issues. There are both formal and informal situations when the support of the chaplain makes a significant difference by providing a layer of care that is immediate and timely as they can focus on the individual child or families who find themselves in difficult situations that require complex problem solving and at times as a liaison with other agencies beyond the educational context

Pastoral care programs provide support and strategies that focus on student, family and community well-being, in turn, impacting on student’s social and emotional health and their success in learning and the development of life-long skills.

At Settlers Primary School, our Chaplain Bradley Sawyer provides support in the following ways: 

  • Pastoral care one-on-one to students, parents/carers and staff
  • Small groups with students to build social and emotional skills
  • Weekly lunchtime groups focusing on Mindfulness and Mental Health strategies
  • Supporting parents in isolated situations where school is often their only point of contact 
  • Transition to high school by making connections with other chaplains, Student Services and Pastoral Care Teams 

Support is always provided in consultation with parents, with permission being sought prior to student interaction with Bradley. If at any time you feel that your child may benefit from the support of our chaplain, please contact the school office on 9523 5750.