Student Services

For students to be successful learners who have positive educational outcomes, it is vital that their Social/Emotional Wellbeing and Engagement with school is nurtured and supported. As such the Student Services Portfolio, which incorporates Pastoral Care, at Settlers Primary is an area which underpins all that we do and is seen by the community as being an area of strength. The portfolio runs vertically throughout the school, ensuring that Students at Educational or behavioural Risk (SaER) are identified early and intervention can take place. The Students Services Team consists of:

School Psychologist                 
Defence Mentor

This team is responsible for: –

  • a strong focus on identification and early intervention to address learning difficulties, social and emotional issues, school avoidance and disengagement
  • providing support in the referral process, guidance in sourcing resources for parents and support for parents within the local community and making network connections
  • increasing student safety and wellbeing 
  • ensuring that additional resources and expertise are available to students who need them most
  • increasing flexibility to address the barriers to engagement, with a focus on case management 
  • building the capability of teachers and other support staff to improve the educational outcomes for students


Identification and Diagnosed Disabilities: –

At Settlers PS we have a streamlined and structured approach to early identification and then work towards supporting families with students who have a learning or diagnosed disability.

The classroom teacher is the first person to discuss any issues with. They will help to advocate for your child and provide information on how to support your child at home as well as start the referral process.

The referral process involves:

  1. Meetings with your child’s teacher, developing Individual Educational Plans – both academic or behavioural
  2. Having case conferences with your teacher, the Associate Principal of your year level and/or the Associate Principal Student Services
  3. Actions follow which could include referrals to:-
    1. Government Departments using the Rockingham-Kwinana Child Development Service – Early Intervention Centre or the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services 
    2. Private services – numbers of these can be provided
    3. School Psychologist
    4. Chaplain
  4. If a diagnosis is made, then a meeting with the Associate Principal – Student Services is held to apply for further in-school support through accessing Department of Education funds to provide Special Needs Education Assistant time to support the teacher and the student. 

If you require more information, please contact us on 9523 5750 and the appropriate staff member will contact you.