Early Learning

At Settlers Primary School our Early Childhood Educators plan and establish positive, vibrant relationships and challenging intellectual, social, and physical environments.  This promotes a sense of wonder, curiosity and risk taking in an inclusive context. Our teaching and learning programs are created to provide a balance between integrated explicit teaching and purposeful play. 

We are an established primary school that encourages a strong sense of community by welcoming parents into our classrooms. Our partnerships with parents assist children in attaining knowledge, skills and dispositions that are a base for future learning. 

Our facilities are modern with an abundant range of resources including hands on learning materials and ICT equipment to support student learning. Early Childhood Programs link with The Early Years Learning FrameworkThe Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines and The Western Australian Curriculum.

Classroom learning is extended out into the playground where children can strengthen their bodies and minds. They can interact with their friends and staff to build cubbies, climb trees in the nature play area, navigate the bike track, create a mud kitchen dinner, or relax using our book and craft areas. 

We have a strong focus on EnglishMaths and Social Skills. In English, staff implement The Letters and Sounds Program, a systematic sequence of teaching and learning for the early years of school that progresses from listening to sounds in the environment, to awareness of words, sounds and letters that enables children to unlock the code of the English writing system. We also encourage our families to support their child’s learning with our Home Reading Program that includes Dianna Rigg comprehension questions tailored to each book that is borrowedThroughout Pre Primary, staff use the PM Benchmark Reading Program and SPS Sight Word Lists. 

In Maths, staff follow the West Australian Curriculum and utilise engaging Paul Swan games and hands on resources to develop mathematical understanding, fluency, logical reasoning, analytical thought, and problem-solving skills. Building confidence when completing hands on tasks allows students to keenly respond to familiar and unfamiliar situations using learnt strategies to make informed decisions and solve problems efficiently. Our data driven programs are based on student needs and achievement in the KAT assessment Tool and OnEntry Testing

Social skills are vital in enabling students to have and maintain positive interactions with others including making and sustaining friendships. We create fun, interactive activities that teach children how to share, cooperate, resolve conflict by problem solving, communicate positively and encourage others. These are important life skills that promote successful learning as they progress throughout their school years.