Library/Resource Centre

The library at Settlers Primary School is a friendly and busy place where the library staff encourage children to read, reflect, wonder, question and learn. 

The library supports the teaching and learning of classroom programs and aims to foster students’ reading skills and their love of books. Our collection is constantly growing and changing in order to keep it fresh, relevant and up-to-date.


Students visit the library weekly with their class teacher and may borrow 1 or 2 books.  The students are also encouraged to change their books when finished so they have a constant source of reading material. This can be done before, during or after school.

Every child needs a library bag to protect their books.  Accidents do occur therefore if a book has been damaged at home, please return it to the library as soon as possible as we have special materials to repair them.

If a book is damaged beyond repair or lost it is school policy to ask that parents pay for a replacement copy.


The library is open to students at lunchtime on Tuesdays and Thursdays for browsing, borrowing, reading, playing chess, various board games and drawing.  From time to time additional activities such as craft and mindfulness.

Catalogue Access

Students are able to access the library catalogue online with the following link: Settlers PS Library Catalogue

This enables students to browse through our collection from home at their leisure ready for when they are next at school.

Library Monitors

To encouraging leadership skills, each year a group of Year 6 students are selected to be Library Monitors.  These students are given responsibilities which include assisting in the effective running of lunchtime library activities and whole school events such as Book Week.