Publications and Reports

The Annual Report provides parent, caregivers and members of the community an overview of Settlers Primary School’s performance over the past year.  It provides information about student attendance, academic performance, school programs and staff development.  This report is a small component of the total reporting the school does If you wish to discuss the Annual Report in greater detail please contact the school office on 9523 5750 to arrange an appointment with a member of the Administration team.

Download the Settlers Primary School Annual Report here;

As an Independent Public School, Settlers Primary is required to have in place a rigorous self review process. An external independent review of the school’s performance and processes is held every 3 years, with a report made public. 

The Business Plan 2023-2026 is the school’s long term strategic plan which outlines the direction of the school in broad terms, describing key focus areas of development which are intended to have maximum impact on overall school performance.