School Board

The School Board seeks to provide effective governance and oversight; working with the school community to improve and enrich the culture of the school for students, staff and parents. 

The Board is comprised of staff, parents and community members, and meets at least once per term to monitor school performance and provide guidance on strategic direction and best practice. At least one meeting per year is open to the whole school community.

The board operates according to Terms of Reference which define its protocols and processes and provide guidelines on roles and responsibilities, membership, induction and procedures for conducting elections and meetings.

All Board Members and Nominees to become Board Members agree to abide by the following Code of Conduct.

Please note: Comprehensive School Board training is provided for School Board members.

Current Board Members

Chairperson: Omar Haji

Principal: Jake Petterwood           

Staff Representatives: Christine Bewetz, Phoebe Anderson, Tim Tyrie, Tanya Tasovac (MCS – non voting member)

Parent/Community Representatives: Paul Seisun, Matthew Thompson, Vicki Radic, Vanessa Barker, Leah Heatley and Paul (surname withheld on request)

For further information, please contact Omar Haji (Chair) or Jake Petterwood (Principal) by email.