Vision and Beliefs

Our Mission Statement

To provide all students with a safe and caring environment that encourages honesty, and respect of self, fellow students and community while working co-operatively to enable each student to reach their potential.

School Vision 

At Settlers Primary we have:

Shared responsibilities

  • In leadership 
  • Build and utilise teaching and leadership expertise
  • Enhance our culture of shared ownership in all areas of decision making  
  • Foster and support collaborative practices

High expectations

  • Ensure a high level of expectation of student achievement 
  • Structure teaching for student success 
  • Monitor teacher efficacy and enhance professional capacity 
  • Ensure an orderly environment 
  • Engender pride

A Focus on what matters most

  • Adhere to Independent Public Schools Delivery and Performance Agreement 
  • Focus on Literacy and Numeracy 
  • Focus on Pastoral care  
  • Use evidence based data to drive improvement 
  • Ensure initiatives support the overall direction of the school