P&C Association

The Settlers Primary School P&C Association is comprised of volunteer parents who are elected to Office Bearer and Executive member positions at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at the beginning of each year.

2022 Office Bearers are:

President – Jo Clossick
Vice President – Kelly Mez
Secretary – Rhiannon Alembick
Treasurer – Matthew Thompson

The P&C’s objectives are to:

  • Promote the interests of the school by fostering close co-operation between parents and the school;
  • Help provide facilities and equipment; and
  • Promote the recreation and welfare of the students.

The achievement of these objectives is underpinned by fundraising throughout the year. 

Annual fundraising events co-ordinated by the Settlers Primary School P&C and run with the assistance of volunteers include Easter raffle, School Discos and Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls. Funds raised from these events traditionally support school graduation events and the faction athletics carnival.  As well as this the P&C Association provides joint funding in shared projects with the school each year.  Previous shared projects have included upgrading playground equipment, school signage and additional school resources.

The P&C welcomes anyone in our school community to join and we actively encourage as much involvement from parents, family and community members. Meetings are held in Week 3 and Week 8 of each term and all are welcome to attend.

For more information or updates, find us on Facebook Settlers Primary School P&C Association.