Penguin Island and the Shoalwater Marine Park

What an epic adventure our Science Reward students were treated to yesterday!
Two students from each of the year 1-6 classes were invited to attend a special Science Reward Excursion to Penguin Island and the Shoalwater Marine Park on Thursday November 25th.

We started our adventures with a cruise around the Shoalwater Marine Park on a glass bottom boat. Almost as soon as we left Penguin Island we found a large pod of around 15 dolphins, who came over to say hi, even swimming under the boat to look at us through the glass bottom. After hanging out with our dolphin friends for a while, we went and visited some ospreys with their chicks, and then cruised over to Seal Island, seeing a few more dolphins with their young calves along the way. There were at least 10 sea lions out frolicking in the shallow water off Seal Island, many of whom swam over to say hi to the tour boat. And all of this was before morning tea time!

After returning to Penguin Island, we got a guided tour of the island with two of the Parks and Wildlife rangers, who shared their knowledge and passion about the island with our group. We then got to enter the Penguin Discovery Centre and watch the little penguins getting fed and learned about this remarkable species of penguin that calls this island home. We have the only colony of breeding little penguins in Western Australia at Penguin Island, and they’re right on our doorstep.

Everyone who was lucky enough to come on this reward excursion had a fantastic day and no doubt has some amazing stories to tell back at school today. Well done to all of our reward students who worked so hard to earn their spot on this excursion. Keep up the awesome work in your Science lessons!

Miss Beahan and Mrs Allen,
Science Specialist Teachers